5 Tips to Avoid Cavities

Dentists say that limiting consumption to one sweet food per day lowers risk of cavities and improves oral health. Cavities. We all fear them. Those little black spots look harmless, but they can permanently damage teeth. In order to have a healthy, shining smile the team at our Midtown Manhattan dental office offers five helpful tips to keep your ivory digits sparkling.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. That is true...if that’s all you have. Believe it or not fruits like apples and strawberries contain natural sugars that can contribute to tooth decay if consumed in large amounts. That is why it is imperative to only have one sweet food per day. We know how hard it is to avoid reaching for your favorite candy bar during a hectic work day or indulging in dessert after dinner, but if you are serious about avoiding cavities, choosing only one option is a must.

Use natural sweeteners in lieu of high fructose corn syrup. Considered more dangerous than sugar, high fructose corn syrup causes blood sugar fluctuations that tear minerals from bones and teeth.

Butter, butter and more butter. Yes the fatty substance that most medical professions tell you to avoid can actually prevent cavities from forming. Butter has vitamins that, when consumed, help to lather your teeth and body in fat that is healthy and full of vitamins. So don’t hesitate to smear more butter on your morning toast. Your teeth will thank you.

Calcium. This one is a no brainer. Dentists have always encouraged calcium consumption for healthy teeth. However, it is important to choose dairy products that are raw. Most milks and cheeses on the market are pasteurized. This process kills all traces of vitamin C, so if you are looking for a teeth healthy snack, choose raw dairy products.

Studies have shown that regular flossing supplants brushing when it comes to avoiding cavities. While brushing merely moves plaque around, flossing with the proper equipment, like dental tape, effectively eliminates plaque build up.

These tips, in conjunction with regular dental check ups, are imperative to maintain oral health.

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