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Within the busy city of New York is a departure from the usual. Upon arrival you will notice our considerately calm and comfortable atmosphere. Our family of patients arrive and relax, they may surf the internet or listen to music in our reception area. We do not refer to this as the “waiting room” because we respect your schedule; we run on time. Our comfortable dental chairs and gentle touch have lulled many a patient to sleep, YES during their dental visit. If you would like to stay awake, you could always watch a movie during you dental appointment! Within Midtown Manhattan you will find this attention to detail in many places, however in the dental world…well, this is why we say you will “Experience the Difference”.

What Makes A Visit To Dr. Frederick Stange Different?

Frederick Stange DDS has been formally trained as an artist and focused in sculpture. He also has advanced training in cosmetic dentistry. This combination gives him the ability to achieve biologically what the artistic eye can envision. His desire to bring health and comfort drives his continued dental education. Dr. Stange performs root canals and simple fillings yet at times will hand sculpt porcelain veneers out of clay. As an Invisalign Premier Preferred Provider he can evaluate a smile that may not require veneers but need only to have crowding gently removed. Possibly a missing tooth or ailing tooth will need special attention. For an entire year after dental school Dr. Stange trained to graft and preserve bone in order to place implants. Dental implants are not just placed, the tooth site is re-engineered and becomes a functional and cosmetic concert of healing. In the smile zone, this is a biologic art of precision.

Dr. Frederick Stange, DDS, FICOI, ICCMO received his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. At graduation he was presented with numerous awards including those in Oral Medicine and Cosmetic Dentistry. He was accepted into Stony Brook’s  first two year residency AEGD/PhD program (Advanced Education in General Dentistry). Here he worked with advanced cases involving reconstructions and dental implants. For 3 years he lectured as an associate professor and clinical instructor of Oral Biology, Operative Dentistry and Dental Anatomy.

Dr. Stange trained additionally for an entire year in placement of Dental Implants and advanced bone grafting. He thus earned and maintains a prestigious Fellowship with the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Dr. Stange has specialized training in TMJ disorders. He is a member of ICCMO (The International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics) this college is an international dental organization devoted to the science of neuromuscular occlusion and application of objective electronic measurement for the treatment of dental malocclusions, temporomandibular disorders, and skeletal misalignment. He was invited to lecture on Clinical Neuromuscular Dentistry at his alma mater Stony Brook Dental School.

A unique quality to Dr. Stange is that he completed his undergraduate studies in Studio Art and was awarded Departmental Honors. He is literally trained in the art of dentistry. He applies skills in painting, digital art and sculpture to Cosmetic Dentistry daily. From a simple restoration to a comprehensive Invisalign procedure, or from a CADCAM designed crown to a complex neuromuscular reconstruction our office is focused on each of our unique and individual patients.

Our Areas of Expertise

In addition to cosmetic, general, implant and Invisalign dentistry, Dr. Stange has highly specialized training in TMJ/TMD and Sleep Apnea. The health of the body starts in the mouth. The route to disease treatment many times begins in the mouth: sleep apnea can at times be treated here as well. Oral health radiates to distant sites of the body, from simple hygiene and bacteria control to muscle tension or heart disease, the mouth can be the center of treatment.

As a general dentist Dr. Stange has an overview of and incorporates many special fields of dentistry. His "whole-istic" approach to oral health does not just treat symptoms, but strives to find the root of dental issues and restore proper function and balance. This is done one (individual) patient at a time.

Our entire Midtown Manhattan office is not only refined on the outside, you will find from our first phone conversation to the time when you look forward to your next visit, all of our staffed dental professionals unify artistic passion with the science of dentistry and transform oral care into a work of art.

In the long term, we have learned that Zirconia Abutment are estheticly pleasing. Looking at this chart, you can imagine a white core of a tooth is more lifelike than a grey one, and gold colored titanium is more durable than silver. Therefore the most esthetic abutment, and the most durable, is the one that has a gold/titanium...
  Laser-Lok microchannels is a dental implant surface treatment that works to create the optimal implant surface. This Laser-Lok surface has been seen to elicit a biological response of attachemnet of connective tisuse. This attachement produces a natural biological seal around the implant, protecting and maintaing crestal bone health....

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