Ultimately, the primary focus of a dentist is to save teeth. There are times, however, when it is necessary to remove a tooth. It may seem like this is an aggressive option, yet preservation of the anchoring bone is even more important than the tooth.

In the past we had only decent options of replacing a tooth. Options that might be removable or options that did not quite appear as we would like. Today when a tooth is lost, bone is preserved. Preserved for a bridge or better yet, an implant.

Should we decide together that a tooth cannot be saved, a plan is designed on how to replace it. We decide as well what temporary tooth is appropriate for the patient.

Usually the day a tooth is removed will involve grafting. This may consist of multiple types of grafting materials. The correct choice varies by patient and by the future restorative desire.

Grafting materials have improved over the years and the predictability and healing times have made this process easier to navigate.

When all of this has healed and an implant is to be placed, we do so with advanced ability. Should a precise location be needed, we can use our CBCT machine to create a completely digital surgical guide. Implant placement is thus exact. Our choice of implant has come through hours of study and research, surface treatments, shapes, strength and biocompatibility. The implant choice of Biohorizons has resulted in years of successful experiences with this brand. They are a leader in research and their design is imitated by some, but their industry leading quality control is, in my opinion, unparalleled. Long term success in the past 25 plus years, I find year over year that it is best in class. I continue to proudly follow my very first tooth implant with this system to present day.