Veneers are thin, custom-made shells designed to cover the visible front side of your teeth. Traditional methods of creation needed gummy impressions that people would gag on. We have moved to near complete digital preparation. From the initial photo scanning and design to the creation of the final, we follow a digital workflow. This is more comfortable to you, the patient, and more precise for the dentist.

The traditional method of hand waxing the design is still left to our expert lab technician. A Noritake porcelain master, he still designs, invests, and glazes each individual tooth. At times, we redesign an entire mouth, changing the look and flow of all the patient’s teeth. Other times we might need to replace one broken tooth. We have many patients who themselves are challenged to pick out a single veneer that we have been able to match. To this day, matching one tooth in color, shape, and texture remains the most difficult accomplishment in dentistry.

When veneers are placed they are meant to blend with your natural root and gum tissue. The color we choose will never be one color. A real tooth, no matter how light or how characterized, will always be a blend of colors. There is translucency; there is a color and thickness of the enamel. The root has its own color. These four intrinsic components give each person's teeth color. When a dental makeover is planned, we must consider these things. In our opinion, if someone knows a tooth is a veneer, then it doesn’t look enough like a tooth. Dr. Stange spends time searching for these small details and communicating these things to our laboratory technician. We have a gallery of work that includes many veneers we are very proud to have created. We have many more patients behind those veneers who may (or may not) tell of their porcelain improvements. The observer may never know.