Implant Services

Sinus Lift Augmentation

After the loss of upper back teeth, your sinuses may enlarge in size. Before new implants replace the lost teeth, a sinus lift augmentation or graft lifts the sinus membrane and replaces the bone that has been lost. This new bone graft typically takes 3 to 4 months to heal before the final restoration. We use a revolutionary system that uses sterile saline to lift the sinus and thus reduces complications, reduces post operative pain. We have used this system for more than a decade with wonderful results.


There are many ways to augment bone after removing a tooth. We plan ahead and make sure the graft choice is correct for the situation and patient. At times we may choose physical granular bone. At times we choose a material that was developed from a cross linked collagen. It stimulates bone growth while aiding in immediate hemostasis.

Implant Site Development

When a tooth needs to be removed due to infection, we lean toward placing implants. Bridges of old are great however in the future if a tooth needs work then all teeth under the bridge must be worked on. Implants are slightly more expensive in the near term but having a single tooth long term is much better for patient. We take great care in planning and determining which restoration is best for our patients.

Computer Enhanced Treatment Planning

We have a state of the art Planmeca Promax Mid 3D digital X-ray system. The software allows us to evaluate your bone quality and bone quantity. We are able to place an implant in digital space first. This allows us to determine the best possible placement of your dental implants.

Implant Maintenance

Once your dental implant restoration is completed, it is important to keep the area clean and free of infection. Dental implants can accumulate plaque and tartar just as natural teeth can. Whether you have just one tooth replaced by an implant or several, professional cleanings will be necessary to keep your implants healthy. The time interval for these professional cleanings will be determined by your individual needs.